WhatsApp: these have been its new features in 2016

Video calls, encryption, GIF … We review the most important WhatsApp features introduced this year by the instant messaging application that exceeds 1,000 million users

Payment to free service

You probably already or you may remember but the reality is that until earlier this year, every user of WhatsApp paid $ 1 (not reached the euro) to use the popular application.

After using it for a year, he claimed the payment service to continue using it. And despite the initial annoyance of many, all acceded to the demand.

But that it’s over. When the company founder, Jan Koum, announced that it would suspend the collection, everyone applauded the measure. And besides, without advertising. Since then, WhatsApp is “free forever “.

Encryption “end to end”

This is perhaps the most important innovation WhatsApp introduced in 2016. It was in April when, surprisingly, users learned that their conversations would be safer thanks to encryption end to end.

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Precisely the encryption has been an “open wound” the application has failed to close until this year. With the adoption of encryption ” end to end ” he added a very important plus security and user privacy . And, from that moment, discussions, photos, videos or any content that users exchange can not be read by anyone seeking to intercept the message. Even the company. Only sender and receiver.

This progress has been tarnished, however, with the transfer of personal data to Facebook. European authorities on data protection have been months denouncing the practice. Such has been the pressure of time, Facebook has temporarily halted this practice .

New styles and typography

If you are someone who does not know that WhatsApp can write with bold, italics , underline or strike out , you still have a few days to try one of the features that the company launched this year. Although the reality is that very few use them .

In fact, the ‘app’ also features the typography “Fixedsys” , the typical letter notebook Microsoft.

Quote Posts

WhatsApp launched this year the opportunity to respond directly to not lose the thread of the conversation. This is a useful feature that users put into practice in group chats.

It is to respond directly to that message , among many participants, just losing so many people talking at once.

Sending GIFS

The popular application has also been updated this 2016 so that users can send and receive GIFs animated. But not only that, but the user can also create your own GIF or access the library Giphy -Container for this type of images- to find animations and share in conversations.


Other new features of WhatsApp instroducidas this year has been the direct references to a user in group chats.

When a user wants, for example, ask a member of something, just have to write at sign (@) and automatically a list of group members to appoint whoever appear, as happens in Twitter.

The copy Snapchat

Later this year, WhatsApp introduced a novelty that recalled another-much functionality Snapchat . And it is that Users can now write and draw on the pictures and videos they share.

Users instant messaging application can write or draw on photos and videos, add “Emoji” or add stickers .

Video calls

It was the most anticipated feature. The arrival of video calls to WhatsApp has come this year and by a whisker. The company announced this new feature last November.

“Our goal is always to help, as far as possible, that more and more people to communicate with friends, family and the people that they are most interested in,” said WhatsApp, which extends the form of communication with this feature that is also encrypted.

Share documents

The application allows users to send PDF, documents , spreadsheets or presentations whenever not exceeded 100MB , making it easier to send you need to anyone.

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