Watch what you do! Instagram will notify you if you take a screenshot

This Instagram new feature will only affect messages that self-destruct

The new Instagram feature for sharing ephemeral video or photo messages, i.e. being deleted after a while, as Snapchat, the new Facebook account that has forced you to react quickly, has included a feature that has gone slightly unnoticed: Will alert users when they take screenshots.

This is how the social network collects it in a statement in which it is reported, in passing, that in the option of private messages the user-issuer will know if the content was reproduced and, even if a screenshot has been taken: « Unlike other direct messages, ephemeral photos and videos disappear from the inbox after viewing. And you’ll see if they reproduced it or made a screenshot, “instagram new featureexplain sources of the American company that accumulates more than 500 million users worldwide.

This feature will allow knowing some options made by the user-receivers. However, if the account is configured as public or private, only audiosivual content can be sent that self-destruct to the users that are followed. Instagram, in a short time, has introduced important innovations to improve its service and, incidentally, to deal a blow to Snapchat, one of the applications of fashion and now turned into its maximum rival.

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In fact, in the last week Instagram has also added the option of performing live video in Stories, thus demonstrating that video is one of the biggest interests at the moment by the internet platforms. And everything indicates that the photography network of Facebook has been successful in its approach. In just three months, the “stories” have already conquered one hundred million daily users, an achievement that puts the future of Snapchat at risk at a time when it is preparing for its IPO.

Since the launch of Instagram Direct last year, the number of people using this service each month has grown from 80 million to 300 million people worldwide. In fact, many of them consult group threads every day to keep in touch with their closest friends and family.

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