Top 10 Things Couples Fight About

I expect most relationships have much the same arguments most of the time. A lot of couples fall in love and get married.Marriage is one of those few relations which involve a lot of arguments.The difference in habits, lifestyle and other facts become the reasons for the partners to make useless arguments.  Let us see what are top 10 things couples fight about.
1. Money and Financial Issues

Money and Financial Issues
2. Ex-Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Ex-Boyfriend Girlfriend
3. Family Matters

Family Matters
4. Lack of Communication

Lack of Communication
5. Children

Parents swear, and children suffer
Parents swear, and children suffer
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6. Priorities of Life

Priorities of Life
7. Women’s Career

8. Religious Differences

Religious Differences
9. Lack of Time

Road Trip - That's the right way
Road Trip – That’s the right way

10. Lack of Romance

Lack of Romance

keep in mind that you got married because you care for, trust and love each other.

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