Things to do people when internet is slow

Every time we use more internet. We use it to communicate by email, to interact with social networks like Facebook and for fun. We enjoy the internet until we notice that the internet is slow. In this page we want to explain why the internet is slow, doing some verifications to determine what causes the slowdown of the network and give you some solutions to optimize the internet.

Many times the internet goes very slow because the computer has a poor performance. With a slow computer, you can never have a fast internet.

It depends on what type of operating system you have (a Windows PC or a Mac OSX) there are different solutions and different tools to solve the problems.

Select the system of your PC:

Slow Internet and Windows

It is important that you keep the computer in good condition. For more information on how to maintain the pc, I recommend reading the article: Clean pc.

what to do when internet is slow

If you have a slow internet you can make the next checks to determine the cause:

  • Controls the status of the computer
  • Controls the presence of a virus
  • Check browser / browser settings
  • Controls the internet connection

Control a virus or malware

Slow internet quasado by a virus.

Infecting the pc with a virus or malware is very easy, and will surely happen if you do not have your pc protected with a good antivirus software. In many cases a slow internet is caused by a virus or spyware. That is why comprehensive control is important to solve the problem. More information can be found in the article: anti-malware.
I recommend the antivirus program for Windows SpyHunter. SpyHunter is the complete solution and the answer to the increasing threats of malware that dominate the world of the Internet today.

TipDownload SpyHunter to check if your PC is infected by a virus!
Download and install SpyHunter now.

More information about SpyHunter you can find in this page: SpyHunter.
For Apple users, I recommend: Antivirus for Mac.

Tip: If you already have an antivirus program, before scanning the system, download the definitions of the most current viruses to ensure that your program scans the most current viruses. Then do a full scan of the entire system.

Want to know more about viruses and how to protect your system?
We recommend the website: malware.
Controls the status of the computer

As I indicated before, the key to avoiding or solving a slow internet is to have the computer clean. Many times the browser is slow because:

Not enough hard disk space
    There are many plugins installed in the internet browser
    The Windows registry, the brain of the PC, is damaged.

Many problems of a slow internet, are caused by the Windows registry.

That is why it is important to have the Windows Registry always in a good state.
More information: How to clean the Windows registry
Slow browsing: controls your browser settings

Many times we have the feeling of a slow internet because browsing between web pages, is slow. This feeling may be caused by a poor browser configuration or because there are too many ad-ons installed in the browser. I recommend installing as little as possible of these ad-ons (examples may be Google Toolbar, Skype toolbar etc)
Each uses system and internet resources, thus slowing down navigation.

You can also optimize your browser settings to speed up the internet. In the articles: Optimize Internet Explorer and Optimize Firefox you will find an explanation on how to do it, with solutions to solve a slow navigation.
Control internet connection

The internet connection is shared between all the people who are connected to your line.
If a person is watching an online movie, the speed for other users will fall. Then it is recommended that not all at once downloading games, music etc.

I also advise measuring the speed of the internet when you think the internet is slow.
This way you can control if the internet provider meets the promised speed. To know how much speed you have, I recommend reading the article: Internet Speed.
If you use Wifi and you have slow internet, I recommend reading also: Wifi and slow internet.
Optimize internet

If the cause of a slow internet is in a virus, or a poorly configured browser, the problem is easy to solve. But optimizing the internet can be trickier.
You can improve the internet in two ways:

Manually configure the system for optimum speed
    Use a tool that does it for you.
    Hide IP – Private and anonymous navigation – anonymous surfing!

There are tools that are specialized in accelerating the internet and the pc. Such as Uniblue PC Mechanic. Without having any computer experience, you can speed up your system, an easy and fast solution.
Accelerate the internet with a single click?
Optimize pc performance Click here, download Uniblue PC Mechanic and make a free speedtest

If you want to try it yourself, improve the internet, you can read the article: Accelerate the Internet.

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