Nice photographic tricks with your own smartphones which you will surprise the world

Nice photographic tricks:

The arrival of smartphones has revolutionized the field of photography to such an extent that the number of images that are taken around the world each day is difficult to calculate. To highlight a data, and contextualize it in social networks, we will say that only Snapchat shares more than half a million every second. Most of them go unnoticed and are soon to be forgotten … but, how to get attention with a snapshot and that it becomes an unforgettable memory?

In the Lifehacker blog they have shared a funny video made by the COOPen team that explains different tricks to deceive the human eye and obtain unique photographs.

Why we get distracted while performing a task?

Although many of them will work best using SLR cameras, most of today’s mobile phones allow them to be carried out. Play and force perspective, make your own macro lens or a magnetic holder for GoPro, capture high-speed images, prepare suggestive lighting or get unique underwater pictures, are some of the fast and homemade proposals you can practice with your camera or mobile.

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