Disney builds a jolly, one-legged hopping robot

Researchers at Disney studies in Pittsburgh have constructed a unmarried one legged hopping robot that may presently leap round 19 instances without falling over.

The challenge by using Zachary Batts, Joohyung Kim, and Katsu Yamane began as a laptop simulation and finally a hardware product. The researchers primarily based their machine on Marc Raibert’s hopping controller and it’s managed by means of a linear elastic actuator in parallel or bounce joint. it could bounce for about seven seconds before tipping over.

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The investigators found that unmarried-legged robots are the quality test bed for more complicated locomotion. “Legged robots are beneficial because, among different blessings, they can triumph over choppy terrain, and might entertain an audience as they act out complicated moves (e.g. special gaits),” they wrote. “single-legged robots have the finest topology in the elegance of legged structures, and are restrained to a hopping gait. now not best do unmarried legged hopping robots provide a simplified test bed for locomotion manipulate algorithms, additionally they demand high-velocity, high-pressure actuation to acquire secure and sturdy floor-clearance and challenge the actuator to more mechanical stresses than do multi-legged structures. For these reasons, single-legged hopping robots provide an excellent benchmark for actuators utilized in legged locomotion.”

I in my opinion assume it form of looks as if a pirate Q-Bert and that i, for one, welcome our one-legged robotic overlords.

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