Those ‘moles’ imply that your destiny will trade however only after marriage!

In Hinduism, it’s far believed that for every question there is an answer properly written in deep internal Vedas and Shastras. Samudrika Shastra is simply a part of big Vedic examine, which analyses face, air of mystery, and whole frame.

And, like astrology is the take a look at of constellations, stars, solar, moon and planets, and palmistry is examine of palms and arms, Moleosophy in Samudrika Shastra, is the study of Moles.

This study allows in information the appearances and positioning of moles over complete body and how it hides deep insights of our beyond, gift and destiny.

Generally moles seem right from the time of start, but some regularly seem with developing age and are indication of our gift Karma.

The whole thing, proper from the placement, to colour, to length and disappearances of these moles suggest the exchange in fortune.

Generally moles seem over the skin, but some are raised slightly above the skin, which are known as warts.

So, if you have moles on any of those components of the body then it method, your destiny is certain to turnaround for precise only after your marriage!

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Sides of Nose

In case you occur to have a mole on this position, then do no longer panic if things aren’t going your manner right know and hurdles seem to never quit. You may too experience costly lifestyles and fulfil all of your desires, however simplest after marriage. Until you tie the knot, you may need to work extraordinarily tough to get things accomplished your manner.

Right cheek

A mole everywhere on the right cheek indicates sudden change of future and fortune after marriage. Those going through economic shortages have to remain calm and cooperate as matters will overturn proper after marriage.


If a person happens to have a mole proper inside the middle of both brows, or within the space among the eyes, they generally tend to get greater a success after tying the knot. Before marriage they may have to accept common boom.

Marriage line in palm

There may be both black and red mole on or near the wedding line. A crimson mole is a sign of a success and fruitful relationship between the spouses, whilst a black mole suggests general contrary state of affairs.

Presence of a mole in this position suggests an existence full of visiting both domestic and international places, but it also guidelines at sound marriage and a success lifestyles after marriage. Your doors to achievement may be thrown open best after you agree down.

Feet Sole

If a mole is present right inside the center of the chest, then it indicates that the individual could be of type nature but will face war earlier than marriage. Matters will begin to shape up after marriage for you men.

Girdle of Venus

Presence of mole in this a part of the palm is a sign that the person might be blessed with an top notch intercourse existence after marriage. This can however motive a few problems in lifestyles. Fulfilment will come your way simplest after you tie the knot.

Moles predict successful relationship

Additionally know how a few moles influence the prevailing and future of your courting, marriage and an element or about your prospective partner. Maintain looking…

Moles under the eyebrow

Presence of mole in this part of the frame, pointers at trouble in relationships and quarrels on your family; bringing soreness and disappointment.

Center of nose

This position exhibits sexual issues, which might also impact your married lifestyles, so be cautious. That is a totally awful function for a mole and it is believed that it have to be eliminated. Moles on this position bring some of problems.

Mole under lower lip

You love romance and also you tend to have more than one sexual companion. Bearing in mind that you are a moral individual, those sexual affairs will motive remorse a good way to cause additional strain on your life.


The brighter and larger the mole you’ve got in this function, the stronger love and help you’ll get from your spouse.

Corner of waistline

Mole in this position indicates that you’ll have a pretty wife/husband. It also suggests that you are quite.

Eye corner

In a man it indicates that he might be very manly before marriage, and could be very clean to quarrel along with his wife for a few trivial problems. In a girl, it recommendations at she could be a flirt maestro sincerely, and could experience a first-rate love existence.

Back of the Ear

A man with a mole in lower back of ear could make to be a terrific homely spouse and could easily manage the whole thing from family, career to old age. His inclination towards Karma might bless him at some stage in his lifestyles. Same goes for a lady!


Any person with a mole on their cheekbones, can be engaged in common deadlock with spouse and family. They might be too hard to address.


Each person with a mole on the offside of the arm, might be desirable at relationships and marriage. They could have a humble and love-crammed lifestyles and might be an excellent associate.

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