International Women’s Day History Famous Facts Important Events and Things to Do

International Women’s Day History

The International Women’s Day commemorates the presence, work and role of women around the world. This is a celebration that crosses borders and is celebrated in many countries of the world, and celebrates more than ninety years of struggle by women with the goal of achieving equality, justice, peace and full development. Here we are presenting an International Women’s Day History. Throughout history women have struggled to have an equal participation with man in society. However, this celebration emerges only at the end of the 19th century. In Russia women were given the right to vote on March 8, 1917. This famous facts and phrases would give rise to the definitive date for the celebration of this day. Therefore, the day is celebrated on March 8 of each year.

International Women’s Day Famous Facts and Phrases

Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1909. This fact was presented in accordance with a statement made by the United States Socialist Party. This celebration was given on February 28. From here several countries and organizations began to establish International Women’s Day for different purposes and on different dates.

As per International Women’s Day History it was formalized by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1975. Two years later they would proclaim the same day with the name “International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace”.

International Women's Day Famous Facts

On this special occasion some important activities and events are planned to do. In 1995, a road map was signed that established the agenda for the realization of women’s rights in the world. This sheet was signed by more than 189 governments in an act of historical nature. This happened in Beijing, China.

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The year 2015 is an opportunity to review the achievements and to review the challenges that remain, as well as the opportunities and opportunities still unexplored. In our progress along this path, we must support the empowerment of women as a transformative force in favour of human rights, economic growth and sustainability, and make gender equality a central element in all development efforts.

Some most important International Women’s Day Famous Facts and Phrases are here. The number of women dying at childbirth has dropped by almost half. More women are in charge of companies, governments and world organizations. I welcome these advances. At the same time, on this International Women’s Day 2017, we must acknowledge that the achievements have been too slow and disparate, and that we must do much more to accelerate progress in all areas of the world. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations on 3/8/2015 in New York.

International Women’s Day Important Events and Things to Do

On this special event many people search over the internet by finding International Women’s Day History, activities all over the world, speech, quotes messages to wish every women in the society and mostly things to do on this occasion.

Attend one of the most representative marches that take place in commemoration of this day, which takes place in New York. This march is organized by the United Nations to be held every March 8. The march attracts thousands of people, advocates and gender equality activists.

Visit some of the museums that were erected to commemorate the woman, her work and her role in the whole society. One of the most important and representative museums in Latin America for this theme is the Women’s Museum, located in Mexico City. This museum represents a place for the dissemination and implementation of a culture of equity and respect for the human rights of women.

It is a tradition of recent years to participate in the celebration of International Women’s Day through campaigns on social networks. These campaigns use hashtags or phrases fragments recognized with the # symbol. This symbol allows the unification of the publications of all the users around the world.

In homes, educational institutions, workplaces and meeting places of all kinds, it is customary to pay tribute and give gifts to all women present in commemoration of their day. Usually these gifts constitute flowers and sweets.

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