What is the internal and external memory in a “smartphone”?

In general, you can expand the capacity of a terminal with microSD cards. However, iPhone does not allow

The phone memory is often confused with the internal memory are two different things. The first is the ROM (Read Only Memory, something like “read only memory”) and your operating system and other data that can not be changed is mounted.

Once we know what is the phone memory, we will explain what the external and internal memory. To do this, we will influence operating systems. The iPhone, which run on iOS, only have internal memory. However, as a general rule, Android terminals do have external and internal memory.

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The internal memory is the ability of the operating system where applications are installed. This should be broad to avoid filling the memory and having to delete “apps“. All the information you have in the internal memory stays on the phone itself.

To enlarge, you should clean it. For example, clear the cache whenever you can; pass all ‘my’ possible to external memory; upload photos and videos to the cloud or removing them to an external disk; delete data stored or uninstall applications you no longer use.

With external memory, which is achieved it is to expand the terminal’s capacity. This is achieved with microSD cards (formerly SD), sold in the market of different capacities (16GB, 32GB, 64GB …).

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