How to disable automatic Facebook videos

Facebook is a great social network. From hang out with friends, watch posts from your contacts , talk to them,about news of interestuse games . Simply it has it all . They have recently added the option to simplify your task to watch videos. Now you can playautomatically. But if that bothers you and you want to decide whether you want them automatically or not, you have the option to disable. It is a very simple to do that will take a few moments process.

Step 1


To begin open the Facebook page and enter your account. Surely you have default once you enter the website. Otherwise, you’ll have to provide your username and password. Once you’re with your user sees a down arrow located on the top right of the screen. If you click a range of options open.

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Step 2


Among the options that you have deployed, you should look for the one that says “Settings.” Then simply click on it to enter your account settings.

Step 3


Once you have entered the configuration panel of your account, you’ll see on your left a number of possible actions unfold. You must go to the option below all where it says “Videos”. Click there.

Step 4


Once the configuration of your videos, you’ll notice two options. One to determine the quality of the video and another that says “Automatically play videos.” Surely you have the playback feature as “On”. Click on the word “On”.

Step 5


If you want to disable autoplay videos, you now just click “Off”. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll notice that the videos are no longer automatically played. You got it, now you will not mind that open by themselves. From now on, if you want to watch them have to click on them.

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