How to decorate the Christmas tree at home in simple way

We proposes some ideas for Christmas tree to make the house a warm and welcoming place

In these special days, home becomes a meeting place between families. It is therefore very important to create a warm and inviting place to enjoy the closest environment. And what better way than with a good Christmas decorations .

The tree is the real protagonist and its assembly can be a great plan to share. Today, there is a wide range to choose from . The first is deciding on a naturally fir or an artificial one , depending on the budget that you have obtained.

After that you have to opt for the ornaments . The choice depends on the tastes of each. Although there are three essential things you can not miss: balls, lights and a star for the top .

As for the colors, the combinations are endless . From gold to silver tones, to the red, white, green and blue. Ideally, choose tones chords to the room where it will be located. In the following pictures you can see some ideas .


Once elected all, it is time to start with the assembly. After opening each of the branches, it is best to place the lights , because if the ornaments are placed first, could get caught. The easiest thing is to do it from top to bottom and starting with the interior, separating them evenly .

Then they put the balls , distributing them well all over the tree. If a more chic touch is preferred, they can be placed bows, garlands of paper and even flowers.

Lastly, final embellishment. At the top or tip of the shaft one is placed special object . The choices are many: a star, an angel, a snowflake, a cross, a bow and a crown, among others.

small spaces

But not everyone has a space large enough to place a tree in your home. This does not mean that you cannot decorate .. In recent years, many people decide to contrive with more fun and easy ideas to make. Since trees painted with chalk on walls to trees designed with wood and wool.

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