Best Tips To Studying Well For A Test

Neither school nor high school teaches you ways to study well. At least, they did not teach me any technique or Best Tips.

In my first year of career I got tired of memorizing, so I started to worry about how to study better for exams.

Without overdoing it, learning ways to study well allowed me to raise my grades well enough; In many subjects I rose to more than two points (the system of qualification in Spain works from the 0-minimum qualification – the 10-maximum qualification).

I doubt that I would have been able to get such good grades without any technique of memorization or study, since the University is hard and you have to learn a lot of data and knowledge.

The advice that I will tell you will be used for exams, English, competitions, language, primary, final and any subject, call or test.

Finally, before you begin, remember that effort is the most important thing!

Bridge Rewards

Thinking about having 3-4 or 5 hours of study ahead will demo much.

But there is a way to make it much simpler:

Rest every 50-60 minutes and do something pleasing for 10 minutes:

  • Have coffee with a friend
  • Walk your dog
  • To have a snack

It is about being aware that the effort is not going to be infinite, but that you will have to do things that you like during the period in which you are studying.

Also, pay a big reward at the end of the period.

Exam Preparation Tips to Crack Any Competitive/ Board Exams

For example, you have been studying all day or all morning and finish at 20:00:

  • Go visit your partner
  • Put a movie
  • Go have a drink with your friends
  • Practice your favorite sport
  • Do whatever you like

ways to learn

Eliminate Distractions

Are you the typical student in the library looking at whatsapp every minute or watching who walks through the door?

So I’ve seen hundreds and probably studied 1 hour out of every 4 that were sitting.

To arrive at an optimal state of concentration it will take approximately 10 minutes.

If you get to that state and interrupt it, you’ll have to start over.

That is why it is so important to eliminate distractions:

  • Avoid social networking and whatsapp. Hide the cell phone or turn it off.
  • If you work with the computer / laptop, use programs or applications that block access to social networks (in the productivity section of extensions for chrome you can find several)
  • Do not have the TV in your eyes
  • If you study in the library, try to put yourself in a place that does not allow you to distract

Choose an appropriate type of music

Rap, pop, electronic or rock are not the best styles to listen to if you want to be focused.

Some tips regarding music:

  • Listen to classical music
  • Put on youtube “music for concentration” or “concentration music”
  • Other tips:
  • Avoid looking for every minute of the music you like
  • Choose a list of at least 50 minutes and start studying
  • Avoid the radio as it distracts the voice of the presenters

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