9 applications for scanning documents with the “smartphone”

Scanner for Me

Available to the operating system iOS , this handy application allows you to quickly scan text documents through the intelligent mobile phone camera and store them in a library for future consultation.

Ai can send immediately print any written, printed or graphic material , including contracts, business cards, receipts and all kinds of notes or articles of books.

The “app” allows you to edit the perspective and scan edges, apply filters, adjust contrast, correct or change the orientation and protect files with a key or via fingerprint.

  1. Scanner Pro 7

Available for iOS for 4.99 euros, this application scans documents as a conventional system. Files can be mailed, exported to the gallery, stored online services (supports Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive and OneNote) or simply save them mobile, print them .

The system uses a method of character recognition (OCR) to copy and share text documents into editable PDF format . Processing algorithms eliminate shadows advanced color, correct perspective and distortion, making your scans are as readable as possible.


While offering free version, this app for iOS is available for 4.99 euros. As the above you can scan books, receipts, any documents, notes , paper, writing tables, schedules.

These files are stored as PDF files or JPEG images and provides the ability to jump to different devices and services in the “cloud” Dropbox, Evernote, Disco Yandex, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive and share via email or print at a touch.

Features allow scanning algorithms provide a good quality image, with contrast and noise removal. Perspective correction is automatic. The image recognition is performed on your device without an Internet connection.

Here are 5 apps to help smart buyers around!

Scanbot 6

Available for iOS and Android , this application automatically trims the documents and processes them through a system that applies shadows and corrects perspective distortions. Also it can be used to scan QR codes.

The ‘app’ can scan any document, from a receipt to multipage documents. Files stored and can be shared by integrating other cloud services. In this way, you can create documents in PDF or JPG format 200 dpi or higher resolution.

It is quite advanced compared to other similar applications. It has a system Recognition (OCR) that extracts the text from scan to copy, search and locate in the dictionary


Available for iOS and Android, the tool allows you to scan, store, sync and collaborate on a multitude of content through “smartphones”, iPads, tablets and PCs. To do this, using a camera phone can scan and digitize all kinds of documents as receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, certificates.

The system includes a method of intelligent cut and self-enhancement to ensure that text and graphics scanned files are clearer and sharper. Moreover, in its “premium” version you can take notes and add custom watermarks to create your own in the documents.

my Scans

It is very easy to use this application available for iOS and Android . Simply take a picture of a document, invoice, business card, contract or notes and save it in the “app”.

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The system detects edges and converts photos into a searchable PDF document. With this tool you can send documents by email or print them anytime you want. Create notes and underlined.

In addition, you can share in different cloud services to synchronize documents between devices, access files on your computer via a web browser, and collaborate with other users through shared folders and share or receive files.

Smart PDF

This application, like the previous ones , to take a picture of the document and obtain a file in PDF format that can be easily shared. The system automatically detects the edges of the page and correct your perspective. It is available for iOS .

You can choose scanned in full color, grayscale or black and white for maximum readability, even in dim lighting. However, to change the settings of correction and improvement after the fact. One of his greatest successes is that it provides an intuitive way to organize documents and locate them later.

Tiny Scanner

vailable for iOS and Android , this useful application allows you to scan documents, photos, receipts or whatever you want. It works quickly and has an attractive design suitable for the terminals. Batch function combines multiple scans into a single PDF.

The system automatically detects the edges of the pages, five levels of contrast to improve monochrome text and resizes pages to PDF (Letter, Legal, A4 and others).

Office Lens

Available for iOS and Android , this application of Microsoft cuts and enhances images of whiteboards and documents, so that they can be read. The system can also convert images into editable Word or PowerPoint files.

It has multiple applications. You can, for example, capture and cropping an image of a blackboard and share your meeting notes with co-workers or make digital copies of printed documents, business cards or posters and trim them precisely.

The printed and written text is automatically recognized (using OCR technology) so that you can search for words and images and copy and edit them as well. Images can be saved in OneNote, OneDrive or another cloud storage. Among other useful aspects, the Business Card mode can extract the contact information and save it in your address book and OneNote.

This feature works best with cards in English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Soon, support for more languages will be added. With this productivity tool you can convert images into Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) that are automatically stored in OneDrive.

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