18 National flags made with local products

These delicious banners were designed for the Sydney International Food Festival  by the WHYBINTBWA advertising agency  . It is a unique concept that creates the flag of a country with foods typical of that country. Surely not everyone agrees that the food chosen is the most representative of each country, but it is a challenge to get right with the colors, the food. It is fun! Do not take it seriously and enjoy it.

These are the 18 flags made with the typical products of each country

1- Switzerland


Swiss flag with sausage and emmental cheese.

2- Thailand


Thai flag made of sweet chili sauce, grated coconut and blue crab.

3- Spain


Spanish flag based on sausage and rice. Everything a typical.

4- Turkey


Turkish flag using Turkish delicacies.

5- Indonesia


Indonesian flag made with spicy curry and rice.

6- United States

United States

American flag with hotdogs, ketchup and mustard.

7- China


China flag with Pittaya, dragon fruit and star fruit.

8- France


French flag made with blue cheese, brie cheese and red grapes.

9- United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom based on scone, cream and jams. Very sweet all.

10- South Korea

South Korea

South Korean flag of Kimbap and sauces.

11- Australia


Australian flag made with meat pie.

12- Vietnam


Vietnamese flag made with rambutan, lychee and carambola.

13- Lebanon


Lebanese flag based on lavash, fattoush and spring grass.

14- Greece


Greek flag made with Kalamata olives and seasoned feta cheese.

15- Japan


Japanese flag made with rice and bluefin tuna.

16- India


Flag of India made with curried meat, white rice and pappadum wafer.

17- Brazil


Brazilian flag made with banana leaves, lemon, pineapple and passion fruit.

18- Italy


Italian flag made with basil, pasta and cherry tomatoes.

What do you think of these appetizing flags? Are not they the most original?

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