14 Amazing ways to use orange peels to improve your daily life

Orange is one of the most beloved fruits in the world. Its high content in vitamin C makes it the perfect ally for winter, since it strengthens our immune system and prevents us from catching cold. What we usually do with orange peels is eat or juice with them, but in any case, we always throw the shell without really knowing that it is one of the best parts of this fruit.

use of orange peels
Here are 13 ways to use orange peel to improve your day-to-day life!

1- For tea

Cut the skin of the orange into strips and let it dry before putting it in the tea. It is especially rich in Earl Gray tea.

2- To eliminate odors

Place pieces of dry shell in shoes or in clothing drawers to eliminate bad odors.

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3 – Add them to the vase

Along with other flowers, the dried orange peel will look great in your potpourri. The orange has a very strong odor, so you can combine it with lavender and camomile as they are softer.

4- For your bathroom

ways to use orange peels

Cut a few pieces of orange peel and put them in your hot water bath to relax after a busy day.

5- Make your own body scrub

Mix coconut oil with sugar, add striped orange peels and you’ll have a perfect body scrub.

6- Whiten your teeth

Rub your teeth with the orange peels to whiten them naturally.

7- As an insect repellent

The orange skin oil works great as an insect repellent. Rub your skin with orange peels and that’s it.

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8- To clean

Rub the orange peel against grease stains to remove them. You can also scratch it in vinegar and pour the mixture into a sprayer.

9- Ideal for baking

There are many desserts that can be made with orange peels and sure to surprise all your guests.

10- As one more ingredient

You can toss them in any meal, from the morning cereals to the pasta salad.

11- Make a candle 


Make a cut around the skin of the orange right through the center and, carefully, separate both halves.

You will have two orange peel dishes, one with the inner stem, which will be the base.

make candle with orange peels

The stem will be the wick. You will only have to make a hole in the top of the other half so that when you plug the candle has ventilation and ready.

Apply a little oil on the wick, turn it on and enjoy a pleasant evening.

candle with orange peels

12- As a mask

Strip the peels over a little honey and apply it on the face. It will work great for disguising scars and rejuvenating the skin.

13- Remove moisture

Introduce some dried orange peels in the container where you store the brown sugar if you want to remove the moisture, this way it will last longer.

14- Perfume your home

You only have to put water to boil and add a few orange skins. Your house will smell great in just a few minutes.

Did you have any idea what you could do with orange skin? Tell us about it in the comments!

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