10 Bad Habits Before Bedtime That Damage Your Health

Hello guys……here we are going to explain 10 Bad Habits Before Bedtime that damage your health. Many people find it difficult to get to bed and cannot fall asleep as quickly as they would like. On many occasions, they explain their sleep problem to external issues that have nothing to do instead of focusing on the bad habits they practice daily and that really affect the quality of sleep.

Here are 10 unhealthy habits that affect and impair the quality of our sleep:

1- Artificial lighting

10 bad habits

We will always have more difficulty sleeping if we remain exposed to high intensities of artificial light moments before going to bed. This is because our production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for drowsiness, is reduced. Turn off the lights, use blackout curtains or simply use a mask to cover your eyes.

2- Alcohol

bad habits cocktails drinks

Drinking alcohol will never help you sleep even though it may make you sleepy. If you drink alcohol before bed, you will surely wake up on several occasions interrupting the quality of your sleep. The best solution, of course, is to stop drinking, especially if you already have trouble sleeping.

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3- Coffee

If you are a coffee addict, it will obviously be difficult for you to sleep at night, especially if you drink caffeinated beverages before going to bed. A cup of coffee can stay in the body for at least six hours, that is, if you drink a coffee at 4 pm, the caffeine it contains will be effective until 10 pm, avoiding once again Production of the valuable melatonin. Of course, the solution here is to stop drinking coffee before bed.

4- Sleep during the day

Sleep during the day

While it is true that taking a nap in the evening is not bad, taking too much nap can make it much more difficult for us to reconcile sleep at night. It is advisable to take a nap of about 20-40 minutes. Prolonging our sleep for longer will lead to problems in reconciling your night’s sleep.

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5- Exercise


If you think that doing a little exercise before bed will help you because you will feel more tired, I’m sorry to say that you are actually doing a disservice to your body. By exercising, our body is activated and our metabolism is accelerated, so that our body will not be relaxed enough to sleep quickly. Instead of exercising before going to bed, do it in the morning to activate your body and feel more energetic the rest of the day.

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6- High temperature in the room

High temperature in the room

If you do not feel comfortable in your room, you will not be able to fall asleep easily. A too high body temperature interrupts the sleep cycle. Even if we manage to fall asleep, it will be very easy for us to wake up in the middle of a room that looks like a sauna. The solution to this temperature problem is quite simple, try to ventilate the room and use the appropriate blankets and sheets to not reach a suitable body temperature.

7- Go to bed at dawn

Go to bed at dawn

Staying up late or having an irregular sleep habit will make it much harder for you to sleep at night when you want. Try to go to bed early and always at the same time to create a healthy habit. As soon as you follow the routine for a few weeks, you will notice how your body always sleeps at the same time and without difficulties.

8- Distractions before bed


When you check your phone to read emails, send messages or update your social networks, you keep your brain active and block the production of melatonin. On the other hand, these types of activities can promote the release of dopamine and cortisol, some of the hormones responsible for waking you up in the morning without the need for an alarm.

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9 – Snooze the alarm

Snooze the alarm

If you are the one who pushes the “postpone” button when the alarm sounds, looking for a few minutes of your sleep, you are really disturbing the activation of your body when you wake up, which also has a negative impact on sleep conciliation it means. Our body knows when it needs to wake up, so it naturally prepares itself before the alarm sounds. By changing the time that we wake up, we upset our biological clock and thereby the quality of our sleep.

10- Eat before bed

bad habits pizza

It is not recommended to eat before going to bed, but it is especially harmful to consume sugary foods as they increase blood sugar levels and cause our organs to overwork.

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